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Extra MoCCA ticket

Hey guys. I accidentally bought an extra badge for MoCCA for myself. Anyone need one that didn't buy theirs yet?


So Survey is over.

I feel so relieved, empty, lethargic, happy, confused, without-direction... Got barely any feedback because they kept the professors in a meeting until 3pm, keeping us out until 3pm (I was not amused that my family who came from out of town had to wait 3 hours - and that my brother had to leave and get back to 112th st by 3:30 thereby not seeing any of my work). As soon as doors opened the professors BOLTED. I managed to catch Matt Strong for five minutes, but I would have liked more feedback.

I also didn't get into the Pratt Show- but I'm not upset about it. I'm super proud of Laura and Bethany for getting in though!

Mar. 15th, 2010

Thus begins my entire day in the labs. Goals for today:

Steampunk Bar:
- logo
- floorplan
- color sketches
- menu

- finish video editing

Birthday Shenanigans

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday awesome this year. I had a blast between hanging out and partying with Dylan and his crew on Friday and running around Webster Hall with the Ladies on Saturday night. Really had a great time. <3s all around.


So scratch that last statement about internships because OMG I GOT THE INTERNSHIP AT PEPPERCOM!

It's a PR firm in Manhattan that has an in house Design Department. I'll be working under the design head for three months.

Super excited about it. A little bummed though because Kelvin called asking if I wanted to take over his Production Assistant gig with a local traveling performance for the next month and a half. Aka. be a stage manager for a show. HOLY SHIT I MISS THEATER.

Could have been my in to getting involved in theater again, but it would require me to duck out of my internship early too many times to justify it. I also would be pulling really long days at that point. Getting up around 7 to get to my internship at 9, leaving my internship at 5:30 to get to rehearsal at 6, leaving rehearsal at 10 at night... I'd last about a week before burning out. Then add ichiP! and Laire into the equation. Aaaaaaagh...

Going to AnimeNext next week, by the way. ichiP! will be doing panels and stuff.